Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Letters

Dear Judah,
I know I've been randomly running up to you lately and hugging you extra tight. I just can't help it. Kindergarten will be starting soon and I'm so very aware of how you won't be home with us everyday. There's no doubt in my mind about how well you're going to do. You're ready for this and I think I'm ready, too! Those random hugs and squeezes though? Well,  I don't think they'll be ending anytime soon. Mama's crazy about you.

 Dear Eliza,
You're every good thing, packed into one little person. Don't ever change a thing about who you are. Keep dancing, singing and playing with Tupperware. I like you.

 Dear Husband,
Thank you for understanding me enough to know that I need moments of silence to thrive. Thank you for making these moments of peace possible and allowing me to escape from time to time, since our home is basically everything besides quiet. 
Dear Penny,
You follow us around the yard like a dog and you lay crazy large eggs every morning. Basically, you're the ideal chicken. Keep up the good work, girl.

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