Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Elephant Toothpaste- A Hydrogen Peroxide Experiment

I've seen science experiments like this one floating around for awhile and today, we decided to give it a try. Oh man, this was literally a blast! I've got to say one of the things I'm loving about having a child in kindergarten is that we still have lots of time home together. For us, kindergarten has been the perfect mix of school and time at home. When he IS home, I'm trying to be more intentional about doing a bit of "school" here as well. And hey- school doesn't have to be all workbooks and reading. School can be blowing things up on cookie sheets in the kitchen.

We had the BEST time doing this little experiment this morning and I can't wait to do more creative activities like this one with my kids.

To make your own Elephant Toothpaste, all you need is Hydrogen Peroxide, a package of yeast, a few squirts of dish soap and some water.

Step by step instructions:
•Begin by adding one package of yeast into 1/2 cup of very warm water. Mix well and set to the side.
•In your narrow necked bottle, add 1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide or if you're using two small bottles like we did, add 1/4 cup to each bottle.
•Add any food coloring, sprinkles or glitter to the Hydrogen Peroxide.
•Squirt a little dish soap into each bottle.
•Swirl it together carefully.
•Place your bottle into a container to catch the foam (we used baking sheets), and then add the yeast mixture through a funnel (we added half to each bottle).
•Quickly remove the funnel and enjoy the explosion!


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