Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Corn

 A few nights ago, as we wrapped up dinner, the kids asked if we could all go play outside for awhile before bedtime. It was getting late and I hesitated, but ended up saying yes. These September evenings have been so good to us and I can't help but be out there, enjoying the last bits of summer with my family.

Our corn has been looking about ready for awhile now, but since I'm not a corn expert, I've let it grow as long as possible. With kids running around the yard, the cool evening breeze coming in and the moon beginning to shine, we decided to just go ahead and pick that first piece of corn. Who cares if it's not ready yet and hey- you never know until you try, right?

We picked it and underneath those long husks, we found perfection. With one end of the corn in my hand and the other in Daddy's, Eliza got the very first taste. After that, she was hooked and if anybody messed with her corn, she let them know that she wasn't going to have it. This girl is pure sunshine, but please don't take away her corn.

Fresh from the garden, uncooked and all....I feel like this is what September nights should be made of. Early bedtimes and evenings inside are overrated, when you can be outside, eating from the garden, watching the moon rise.

Tonight I'm thankful for my family, my people. I'm thankful that with them, I can be me and enjoy the simple things. I'm thankful for warm weather, seeds, sunshine and water to grow things. I'm thankful for kids that want to go outside after dinner and I'm thankful for this baby, that already knows that these little moments are what life's all about.

What did you enjoy this weekend?

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