Sunday, September 14, 2014

Forget the Movies, Meet Me in the Garage

Three years ago, the sweetest lady named Debbie gave us this table that her Dad made. Although it oozes with interesting character and charm, it's sat in our garage. It's served as a sturdy work bench, a place to set groceries and a place to plop kids on, while we tie shoes. Every so often I've looked at it and wondered what it would take for us to clean it up and bring it into our dining room.

There's so much that happens around a table. Family dinners. Homework. Coffee with friends. Projects with kids. Christmas dinners. First day of school breakfasts. Spills.

I've  pinned countless farm tables and envisioned a table that has some significance for our family. I've pictured a table for us, made by us.

This weekend, we planned a date the garage. I feel like after 6 years of marriage, we're still getting to know each other. Actually, I know we are. I think with lots of trial and error, we're starting to find what really makes us, US. For me, I'd take a date night in the garage, working on a project with my man, over any night at the movies.

The best part is that when he came home on Friday night, he brought me a handful of the dahlias from the stand down the road from the church. I've told him that the 5/$1 flowers in the summer are the way to my heart and he's listening.

After the kids were in bed, we headed out and started sanding. Until 11pm that night, we sanded off old paint, chipped wood and the old finish. Sanding, talking, laughing---it's the best date I've been on in a long time.

I know there might not be many dudes that read my blog, but if you DO happen to be a guy- come in close and listen up for a second......
If your wife is the type of gal who "pins" things and likes getting a project done or if she's the kind of girl who loves making stuff, but the thought of starting a project totally overwhelms her, here's my advice.....

Listen to her, look at her Pin Boards, if she's into that. Ask her what type of projects she's been wanting to work on. Sand something for her. Make her something. Go to the store and come home with boards. Smell like sawdust. Get a little greasy. Paint that thing with her that she's been mentioning. Learn how to use a drill well, if you're the kind of guy who usually doesn't get his hands dirty. Help her create something and don't just finish it 75%, but go out there with her again the next night and continue on. Smile at her and talk with her, while you joyfully create something with her. It might just be the best date you've been on in awhile.

A few photos of our table project:
It's not perfect, but neither are we. Soon it'll be done and I'll start searching for the perfect bench and chairs. Laughs, talks about our day, coloring and visits with friends will happen here. Working on this with my husband has meant a lot to me.



  1. Impressive! We always talk about doing projects but end up going to the movies instead! Great photos too.

  2. Sounds like a perfect date!!! LOVE the table!


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