Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites

Favorite Moment:
Two mornings a week, it's just this girl and I. Being the youngest of three, we don't have many moments like this. This week, we spent one of our mornings zooming around Target and Costco.  Although we were running errands, it was the most special time to just be out with her, fully focused on who she is. She's a little ray of sunshine and I'm so glad that I get those small chunks of time to just be with her.
Favorite Thing I Ate This Week:
This Sugar-Free Pumpkin Cheesecake was so easy to make and my goodness, it was good. The recipe can be found over at Kalyn's Kitchen.
Favorite Kids Craft Idea:
This party, hosted by Inspired Light Photography is so cute and I love the pine cone bird feeders that the kids made. When we were kids, my Mom used to make these with us. I think it's time for the kids and I to make some of these together.

Favorite Reading List:
So, I kind of think I need to go to Joy Prouty's house and hangout for awhile, with nothing to do besides read. I mean come on....check out what's on her nightstand. What a perfect assortment of books!

Favorite Chicken Treat:
Old Sunflowers----and Big Mama swears she's never loved anything more.
What are some of your favorite things from the week?


  1. That hat on Eliza is too cute!! That cheesecake looks good...have you ever thought about canning your own pumpkin? I've thought about it, haha but I haven't investigated the workload of such an endeavor, especially when it's so easy to buy organic canned pumpkin from Trader Joes. Wouldn't that be neat to make a pumpkin pie completely from scratch though?

    1. Hey! That's funny that you ask about the pumpkin. We actually just picked a few from our garden yesterday, for porch decorations. I'm going to leave them out there for only a few weeks though and then make a homemade pumpkin pie with them. I can't imagine how good a pumpkin pie with pumpkin from the garden will be! Did you grow pumpkins this year?


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