Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites

Favorite Blog Post:

"For me, it is a matter of WHO I am going to let down, not IF I will let someone down. I'm not prompt at responding to email or texts because I am choosing to be prompt at responding to something else...or rather someone else. I'd rather disappoint a stranger that only knows me online than my little boy longing for time with me." 
Click the photo below to read the entire thing. This is BY FAR the best thing I've read all week.
Favorite Pin:
This week the kids and I had the best time making butter. Honestly, I think it was the best part of my week and it wasn't about the butter, although the butter DID turn out well. The best part was seeing how excited they are to learn, how we can work together and do something that teaches us and also brings us closer together. 
Choosing public school for Judah was a hard choice and every time we do something like this that feels like "homeschool" is blesses me an incredible amount. I've never wanted to put my parenting style into a box. When my babies were little, I was not an "attachment parent", although I loved wearing them.
Now that they're getting older, I'm realizing that we can have our teaching moments at school and also at home. I love that our parenting style doesn't need to be put in a box. We are MANY things. So, with all of that being said, we made butter and it was fun. We danced and we used this worksheet to write about our experience. The homemade butter instructions are here
Favorite Recipe:
This creamy mushroom chicken recipe from Laughing Spatula looks amazing.

Favorite Place:
Cabin in the woods. Hey husband- I want to go here with you. Let's bring big fuzzy socks, lots of hot chocolate mix and a few cozy quilts. Doesn't this look perfect?

Favorite Instagram:
Posted by Under The Sycamore.

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Stopping by from Momfessionals...LOVE that cabin!! I could definitely spend a week or two there!

    1. Yes! I'm with you! A week or two there would be perfect!


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