Sunday, September 21, 2014

Skyline Divide

Photo courtesy of my friend Kristi, who happens to be the cousin-in-law (which probably isn't really a thing), of my brother-in-law. It sounds more complicated than it is. She's fun.

This weekend we had our ladies hike. After seeing a few photos on Instagram of Skyline Divide, I asked the girls how they'd feel about trying it out. Thank goodness, they were totally game. 

It was a bit of a long drive and a challenging hike, but holy smokes- this is the MOST rewarding hike I've ever done. If I'm remembering correctly, I believe that this hike is only open for a few months each year, during late summer and early fall. Before the trails are once again covered with snow, I really want to pack a special picnic and go up there with my husband. 

These girls were so fun to explore with. I'm so thankful for the conversations with them and of course, the rest breaks when we could hardly breath.

Hiking selfie. 
 The hike was mostly shaded, with a few great glimpses of the mountains, here and there.
There wasn't really a warm up, as the climb was steady right from the get go.
 As we climbed, we began to see some really nice views of Mt. Baker.
 A few wildflowers were still in bloom and also there were quite a few wild huckleberries.
 Meadows of flowers, with Baker in the background.

When we reached the top, it was pretty unreal. The burn in my legs completely disappeared when I saw this view. Really, how gorgeous is this?
Our picnic view.
We stayed for awhile after eating lunch and then we headed up the trail a bit more, before starting back down.
Basically, when you're up there, you pretty much want to twirl around while singing, "The Hills Are Alive" from the Sound of Music. If you're local, pack yourself a lunch and go for it. Your legs will burn, but it's so worth it.

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  1. Love the selfie! Beautiful photos...inspires me to get outside!


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