Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Number One Reason We Need to Let Go of Mom Guilt

I don’t remember very many nights over the last year, that I haven’t gone to bed, feeling like I wasn't enough. Every night, with kids tucked in, my mind has raced over the day, recalling when I wasn't patient, when I didn't read to them as much as a “good mom” would, when I wasn't able to spend that one on one time with each of them that I’d love to have scheduled in. 

I've been sure that they love my husband more and that other Moms are definitely more fun. Most nights, I've ended the day feeling sure that I’m falling short and that these three children of mine deserve only the best, but that I’m messing it all up.

One night, all of these negative thought patterns started to change, when I realized that I don't want to continue feeling this way. When we’re constantly reliving all that we've done wrong, we’re keeping ourselves from becoming who God wants us to be. I want that life full and overflowing! I don't think we can live life in the fullest of ways, with big adventurer and bravery, when we're trapped in feelings of inadequacy. 

What if all of this Mom guilt is a tool holding us back from truly becoming who we were created to be? 

I wrote all about my journey with Mom guilt over on All Mom Does. Click here to read to read the rest of this post.

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