Friday, October 17, 2014


Favorite Quote from the Week:
Favorite New Discovery on Instagram: Darling Magazine. Gorgeous photos, great inspiration. Go take a look, your eyes will thank you.
Favorite Learning Videos: 
This morning, the kids were asking me a crazy amount of questions about vowels, so like all good Moms do (haha!) I hit up YouTube. Bam. I found exactly what I needed and then a few more. These learning videos are short, but they're so good and my kids love them. 

Here's the vowel video that we watched during breakfast. As far as what I saw, the rest of their videos are really great as well.

Okay, so since we're talking about vowels...I have to share this video as well. If you have a boy who's into Batman, you'll enjoy this. Otherwise, you might think I've completely lost it.

And lastly, there's this one. The Reading Machine. 
Favorite Read from the Week:  

Favorite Kids Outfit: 
This makes me wish Judah was still young enough to let me pick my clothes. 
Outfit inspiration from Taylor Joelle Designs

Have a great weekend.

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