Sunday, October 5, 2014

Festival of Family Farms

Today I'm joining in with the Simple As That blog, and sharing a few favorite simple moments from our weekend. Simple things Sunday is about slowing down and capturing life’s everyday details. Taking joy in the simple things is the focus and Sunday is the day we gather together to reflect on our experiences from the week and share our photos. #SimpleThingsSunday

This weekend we experienced the Skagit Valley Festival of Family Farms for the first time. Over 13 family owned farms opened their barns and lifestyles for us to have a hands-on-experience learning what it takes to run a farm, from growing crops to feeding animals. It was a really fun opportunity to talk to local farmers with the kids and follow our food from the fields to the table.

Each farm we visited had a variety of activities and exhibits for us to explore. We weren't able to visit all of the farms, but the ones that we DID tour, were really neat. The kids got to enjoy some fresh pressed cider, they rode ponies and made cars out of giant vegetables. They also saw two baby calves, that were less than 12 hours old, went on a hay ride, and met the "dairy princesses". 

The kids said that the hay ride was their favorite, but personally, my favorite was the first place that we stopped- LaConner Flats. What impressed me the most was how large their produce stand is and how it is all grown right there on site, on their 230 acre family farm! We chatted with a few of the nicest retired guys and they told us about how they enjoy growing things like watermelons, that normally can't be grown around here. Their experiments are called Veg Trials- such nice guys and it was fun to see how excited they are about growing good, organic food!

These simple moments are some of my favorite from our weekend. What wonderful moments did you enjoy?

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