Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fragrance Lake

Today I'm joining in with the Simple As That blog and sharing the simple things that are making me smile right now. 

Simple things Sunday is about slowing down and capturing life’s everyday details. Taking joy in the simple things is the focus and Sunday is the day we gather together to reflect on our experiences from the week and share our photos with each other.

Tonight my legs are tired and I think I still have this silly perma-grin on my face from our ladies hike this weekend. These ladies hikes are one of my favorite days in the entire month. I just can't say enough good things about these girls. I love them and I love this amazing area in which we live!

A few photos from our adventure out to Fragrance Lake:
Pre-hike selfie.
My dear pregnant friend, Nathalie and my sister-friend. I love these girls and check out the cool trees growing on the rocks!
On the way to Fragrance Lake, there was a short little detour off the trail that took us to this view. Totally worth extra half mile. This was gorgeous!
 More of that view. If I'm correct, I believe that we're looking at the San Juan Islands here.
Signs of fall were sprinkled all over this hike. Orange, red and yellow leaves were everywhere. The kind of leaf covered trails that make you want to shuffle your feet, just so you can hear the sound of the leaves crunching loudly below your boots.

 When we reached the lake, we stopped and had lunch. This is a hike-in only lake and it was so peaceful out there. I definitely want to come back in the summer and maybe go swimming, and trust me, that's saying a lot. Normally the thought of swimming in a lake kind of grosses me out, but not this one. It was so clear and clean looking, I think I'd go for it.
Fragrance Lake.
When I got home from our hike, it was back to normal life. The kids and Daddy had carved pumpkins, a baby was napping, a little princess was spinning around singing "Let it Go!" and a boy was getting ready to go out and mow with Daddy.
Normal life is always sweeter after a little time away, fresh air, exercise and good conversation. Tonight I'm thankful for fun friends and for this beautiful area that we get to explore.

What simple things have you enjoyed this weekend?


  1. Love the misty photo of the tall trees--autumn produces such beauty!

    1. I agree, Brooke! This time of year is one of my favorites!

  2. How beautiful. Looks like a wonderful time!

    1. Brandi- thank you! It was! How's your weekend going?

  3. Gorgeous! Love you girls... Christy S. xoxo


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