Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Right Now

•Right now, I have 5 kids in my house for the day and as I type this, the two five year olds are playing quietly, the two babies are napping and the 3 year old is reading books in her room.
•Right now, I'm thankful for a moment of quiet and I'm also thankful for my cup of afternoon coffee.

•Right now, I'm thinking about my MOPS group and feeling particularly thankful for the ladies at my table. I was hesitant about doing MOPS this year and as we left the house yesterday, it felt hectic and I wondered if I was just creating work for myself. Later in the morning, I couldn't help but notice how some of the gals in that room are changing, growing and starting to shine so brightly. One girl in particular was reaching out to someone else, encouraging her and as I saw her step out like that, it completely made my day.

•Right now, I'm thankful for growth and for little ways that God shows us that IT IS WORTH IT. It's not just a bunch of fuss for nothing. There is a purpose and there are sweet little moments sprinkled in there that show us that it is VERY much worth it.

•Right now, I'm loving the new stools in our kitchen. I know, you're like what? Stools? Yes, I get happy about stuff like this. After we refinished this old farm table, we needed new chairs or a bench for the table. We waited patiently and these popped up on our local swap page. They're from an old school and they're as sturdy as can be. They aren't "perfect", but they have character and I'm loving them.

•Right now,  I'm thinking about these pumpkin patch photos that I took last year, when we spontaneously stopped one evening. The sun was setting and it was just about perfect. I can't wait to go back this year.

•Right now, I'm soaking up time with this boy when he's not at school. The other day, I sat down and played X-Box with him and although he's much better than I am and I actually can't really stand video games, it was the best thing I did all day. So often I'd rather do dishes, keep up on laundry, run around and do everything, except for BEING STILL. Times like this with him are where it's at right now.

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