Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday// National Midwifery Week

Because it's National Midwifery Week and because I had the best midwife in the world, I thought I'd post a few throwback photos. Gosh, I'd go back in a heart beat and have all 3 of these kids again. I'd squeeze my midwife tight tonight if I could. She helped me have birth experiences that were far better than anything I could have ever hoped for. 

Each birth experience was so different. With Judah (birth story here) my water broke during one of my appointments and then he was born 9 hours later, weighing in at 9lb 7oz. 

Paisley (birth story here). I was in labor with her for 4 hours and she weighed 8lb 8oz. 

Eliza had to be flipped at 37 weeks. Later, a few days after my due date, she was born after being in labor for just over 2 hours (birth story here). She was 2 pounds smaller than Judah, weighing in at only 7lb 5oz. 

Each experience was amazing and if I didn't have to raise them all, I'd have 100 more. Thank you to my sweet midwife! You were such a huge blessing to me as I started my journey with each of my kids! 

I'm pretty sure that midwifes are right up there with some of the best things on this planet. My midwife was my advocate, she listened to me and she prayed with me. And newborns? Well, there isn't anything better. It's so nice when they can't move or do anything wrong. 

Happy Thursday, friends!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these very important memories...such JOY!


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