Saturday, October 25, 2014

Us Lately

After not writing for almost a week, it's hard to sit down and know where to even begin, but here I am. Kids are asleep, headphones are in, Pandora is cranked up and I'm here. are you? Is headphones even a word that people still use? How was your week?

I thought I'd share a bit about mine. Paisley turned 4, which was awesome. By nature, she's super expressive, which makes celebrating with her extra fun. When something makes her happy, it seems like she might just about explode with joy. I LOVE this about her. Please always be this way, Paisley girl. Feel it BIG!

On her Birthday, I got up nice and early to make her bacon and to put some of those white powered sugar donuts out on the table for her. I know, I know... bacon and donuts for breakfast.....not the most healthy, but she loves bacon and when it's your Birthday well, anything goes around here!  Just as I was stepping out of the shower, I heard her jingling down the hallway, her arms decorated with every bracelet that she owns.

I didn't even have a chance to prepare her breakfast before she was up. She just knew it was her birthday and she awoke well before the birds. So, I squeezed her tight, reassuring her that yes, it really is her birthday and then I cooked that bacon and put those donuts on little pink plates, while she snuggled with Daddy and Judah.

Her whole day was so special. At preschool she wore a special crown and had cupcakes with friends. After that, two of her girlfriends came over. They ate lunch, made necklaces, I painted their fingernails and toes and we all belted out "Let It Go!" more times than I could count. Those girls are such sweet friends and it thrills me to see her have these friends in her life that she really loves and cares about.

Later in the day, we had a small'ish family party. We thought it would be special to Paisley if we ALL dressed up so, even my Mom, sister and I dressed as princesses. I've found that costume parties always bring out a different, less serious and more fun side of people. Even Grandparents get into it and the kids totally get a kick out of that.

After dinner, the we all  played charades . Holy smokes, it was absolutely hilarious watching the kids (and grandparents). I'm literally laughing right now thinking about my 5 year old nephew acting out "trying to pull on pants that are too small". Oh my word, best laugh in a long time.

From what I've experienced so far, I feel like 4 is simply a glorious age. With both Judah and Paisley, 3 was a tough age. Then when they got closer to 4, things seemed to take a huge turn. Honestly, I don't even know why they call it the "Terrible Twos". Personally, I've found 2 to be not so bad, 3 NOT fun and then 4 is when your sweet child comes back around. So, as we enter this new year, I only see good things ahead. It just keeps on getting more and more fun as a Mom and I truly mean that.

So often I see Moms who are simply not enjoying Motherhood and it makes me sad because I've BEEN there. Honestly. I've sat at a table with other women and admitted that I'm just not enjoying it. The good news is that those feelings usually have a way of working themselves out. I felt desperate to "enjoy" it more a few months ago. I think what it took was slowing down and remembering what it takes for us personally to thrive and going back to those things. Now, I just want to encourage other Moms to enjoy it as well, because yes, being a Mama is hard, but it sure is a gift!

Anyway- enough about that. I wasn't planning on going there....

Another big thing that happened last week was a trip to the Department of Licensing office with all 3 kids. For some reason, DOL offices totally intimidate me and when I discovered that my license had been expired since MAY, I was pretty sure that they were going to lock me up or make me take the test again right there with all of my kids. Oh my, can you imagine?

So, Friday morning, the kids and I hit up the local DOL. I was scared, you guys. The DOL is known for their crazy long waits and less than friendly clerks. Well, I've just go to tell you that the DOL redeemed itself. Believe it or not, we were the ONLY ones in there, they didn't lock me up or even give me a bad time for having an expired license. The guy even called me "Dear" and the kids were actually SAD when it was time to leave. It was unreal, like a Christmas miracle, before Christmas.

10 minutes after walking in those doors, I told the kids that it was time to go and they looked at me in disbelief. I'd prepared them to sit there for a long time and when I said we were done, they couldn't even believe it.

So, the moral of my story is to A: Check and see when your license expires, if you're like me and you don't look at your license often and B: Give the DOL a chance, you might be surprised.

The other big thing that happened last week is that we got rid of our rooster. To some, this might not seem big, but these things are sort of in the "big" category in my life. Let's just say that Mr. Darcy was not kind. He was roughing up the hens and he was being aggressive towards all of us. His attitude toughened me up quickly. When I came out one morning and saw blood on one of my favorites, "Big Mama", I knew he had to go.

My sweet friends at Adalyn Farm were getting ready to process turkeys and they offered to take him for us. I'm telling you, this was NOT easy for me, but I loaded him up in a dog crate and took him over. I couldn't help but call my sister and tell her about how brave I was being. I needed her re-assurance that yes, this is possibly a sign that I'm getting a bit more tough. Maybe, just maybe, in 10 years I'll be less of a sissy and we'll be able to have a cow or something. One step at a time.

The hens are happy to have him gone. The whole atmosphere out in the coop has changed. Now they're all laid back, like they're on a vacation in Hawaii and it's nice to be able to pet them and hold them again, without a mean rooster coming after me. It's like the hens feel as if a weight has literally been lifted off their backs. Sorry, bad joke- just couldn't help it.

A few photos from our life lately:

There's been lots of dancing going on around here.
Just "testing" her cake, while I was making it.
Baby wearing. 
A superhero cape tied on works well for this. 
 Eliza grabs her, rocks her and says "shush! shush!"
 Happy Birthday to you, sugar plum!
 Princess Auntie Sally. Thank you for being so fun.
 4 candles, pink frosting and sparkles.
 3 generations of princesses.
The DOL. Just look at that! Seriously, a miracle.
The gorgeous Fish Tacos that my sweet friend Nancy made for our IF: Table dinner. Oh, I could go for more of these right now. So good.
 The kids newest thing: Playing Go Fish together. It's so awesome to see that we're entering that "playing games together" phase.
So, that's a bit of what we've been up to lately. What's been going on in your life?

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