Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I thought about these words a lot yesterday. I'm always doing "something", but honestly, this space has been quieter lately because I feel like much of my life is not hardly blog worthy. I feel like the internet wants to see big and fancy barely attainable lives that very few people really live, but look so shiny that they're appealing. I've always believed that no life is ordinary and that everyone has a story to share in one form or another, but right now, I'm in that place where my life story feels like it's not exciting enough for anyone to read and that's hard for me.

See, from time to time, I get stuck in that comparison trap and that's when my words and photos seem like they hardly measure up. And you might be wondering why I'm sharing this, like why would I tell you that I'm struggling with comparison to the point of hardly wanting to blog anymore?
Well, let me tell you why.....

More times that I can count, I've had another blogger or a person that creates art of some kind, tell me that they stopped because no one read it. The conversation always goes something like "yeah, I used to blog, but no one read what I wrote so, I quit." I so get it, but I still hate hearing that. Comparison stinks and it kills creativity. If I could squash anything, I'd stomp on comparison.

Often I wonder if the internet has room for the blogging Mama who really lives an "average" life. My life is far from super fancy. I won't be giving you a home tour anytime soon because I think it's a bit creepy to show the world every room in your house and my kids get to dress themselves most of the time so, if you're looking for a family that looks like a magazine spread, we're out. We aren't all organic and we don't have any crazy food allergies that you'll be amazed at how we live with.

I don't have a self-timer on my phone {yet} for an awesome selfie and I'm not working on ANY crafts right now. None. But, I'm so happy with this "average" life. I think we're as normal as they come, but at the same time so very far from normal, because what is normal anyway?

Yesterday we did school at home and then I took the kids for a walk outside. If we stay in for too long, I feel like all they do is destroy the house so, outside is one of my happy places. They ran and chased mid-air leaves as they fell from big maple trees. Later, I put laundry away and found Lego guys purposefully placed in my laundry pile.

After dinner, Judah and I went to a little costume dance party that his school was having. For the first hour, he was glued to my side. His hand in mine or his arm around my neck. As the other kids ran crazy and danced, he whispered "Mama, I love you." I know it won't be this way for long, so I'm soaking it up.

As we sat there, one of his little buddies came over and sat next to us. I whispered to Judah that he should offer his friend some of our popcorn so, he set it down between him and his buddy reluctantly picked up the bag and had a few bites. Silently they ate popcorn together for awhile and then they started playing together.

They both agreed that they don't like to dance so, they spent the last hour jumping off the stairs together. Counting as loud as they could 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! JUMP!

When we got in the car, his face red and his head sweaty, he told me that he'd been afraid at first, but he had a lot of fun at the end. I love that. 


Up until recently I'd only heard of babies that climb to the the middle of tables and do crazy things like pull chairs over to get on top of counters....Suddenly, this is my view every time I turn around. #busybaby


  1. I love this! My blog had been quiet lately too. Quiet because I have also been busy with the small things and feeling like nothing is really stacking up to the mega life/craft/homeschooling blogs. I have been posting when I feel like it. This is a quiet busy and home-living season for us. I love coming over to your blog for encouragement and inspiration. You mother and live life well. Enjoy the simplicity of today my friend :-)

  2. Angela, happy to help out! Knowing your food is hard. That's for sure. I remember you talking about a home made salad a year or two ago, and all the chopping and chopping and washing.... Knowing your food isn't easy, and I think to many folks are quick to pay someone else to make it as anonymous as possible. Props to you for grabbing your family's food supply by the hand and starting to get to know it better.


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