Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmases of the Past

Taking a break from Thanksgiving prep and thinking about getting our tree this weekend and starting the decoration process. I thought I'd share a few favorite photos from Christmases of the past.

Here's baby Pais, back in 2011, before Eliza was even a twinkle in our eye.

She was having the best time until Judah came over and snatched up her Christmas lights.
Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls. One of the best things about Christmas.
 Moving onto 2012.....
 Paisley was a bit older. I was pregnant with Eliza.
 Judah was perfecting his measuring tape skills.
Gingerbread houses fell down, but it's really all about the candy anyway.
Baby Eliza was in there.....gosh, I miss having a bump like that. Not like really miss it, but yeah, I do miss it a little.
Moving along to 2013.....

This was the first year that our Gingerbread houses actually continued to stand. That's a true sign that these kids are getting older.

Happy almost Thanksgiving, friends! Have you decorated for Christmas yet or are you more of the traditional, waiting type? We'll be digging into it this weekend. For now, we'll focus on what we're thankful for, eat with family and just enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for taking a few moments to honor and give thanks for past blessings - so good!


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