Sunday, November 2, 2014

Dress Up Day

I remember only one time that I dressed up for Halloween when I was kid. It was when I was in kindergarten and at the last minute, my Mom put a sheet over me and called it a ghost. Vividly, I can picture the older kid that made fun of my costume that day at school. We were parading down the hallway in the highschool and right there by the water fountain, he laughed at me and made some snarky comment about me not really looking like a ghost. After that, I never dressed up again, not because of that one negative experience, but mostly because that wasn't something that my family really did.

When I was 16 I trick-or-treated for the first time and yes, my friend and I got lots of comments about being too old. We were, of course, but  at some point, you realize it's now or never so, you just go for it, hoping that you'll feel the experience of it and get a few fun-size Snickers as well. 

With all of this lack of Halloween experience, I waited until literally the day before to go shopping for our costumes. We might have been in there for almost 2 hours, but Goodwill totally pulled through and saved the day. All day Friday I couldn't stop belting out "Just a Spoon Full of Sugar" and "Chim Chimeney". Mary Poppins had arrived, complete with a big, black umbrella and she even had her favorite Chimney Sweep by her side.

Early in the evening, we stopped at Great Grandma's house to say hello and then we took the kids trick-or-treating at a local nursing home, which I'd totally recommend doing if your kids want to experience trick-or-treating, but you're not to fond of the whole idea. After that, we went to a friend's Birthday costume party and made it back home just in time to get the kids to bed before any sugar-induced meltdowns happened. Of course, after we tucked them in, we searched their buckets and ate our favorites. Kids of mine, if you ever read this, I'm sorry, but only a little. All parents do this. It's a tough world we live in and someday you'll do this too. You'll tuck your own babies in and then you'll eat the good stuff, or at least some of it. I'm saving you from getting cavities so, really you should thank me. 

Halloween is one of those things that we're navigating our way through a year at a time and this year was really fun.
How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. Your costume was the ABSOLUTE BEST costume I saw on FB! You were the PERFECT Mary Poppins. Just LOVE this post! I smiled the whole way through and could relate on so many levels. So glad your family had so much fun. We're going to need to talk privately about what Senior Center you went to :) I am considering it for next year.

  2. You should go link up at The Mom Creative. They do an annual costume link up. Yours would be great!

  3. Thank you! I just popped over and joined. I had no idea!

  4. Oh, thank you! Seriously, it was all Goodwill at the last minute! I'm glad you liked it. I sent you a message about the senior center. I love going there for so many different reasons. It's safe, warm, fast and it totally makes the residents day to see the kids.

  5. It truly looked as if you went ALL OUT! Your costume made me want to dress up next year :) Love it when families do it together, but I know I would never get E to participate :)


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