Monday, November 17, 2014

The Be Still Challenge

A few weeks ago, my friend Rebecca gave me challenge. She said, “Be still. Try doing nothing for 20 minutes and then I’d like you to write about it.” When she suggested this, I was immediately on board. What I didn’t expect is what I’d hear during those 20 minutes of stillness.

For many years, stillness has been a challenge for me. I’m a fidgeter and I’m one of those gals who is more comfortable up, putting something away, cleaning or doing something. Honestly, sitting and doing nothing makes me feel like I’m wasting time and, digging even deeper, it’s fair to admit that my to-do list runs me more than it should.
So, tonight I thought of Rebecca and as we wrapped up dinner, I told my husband that I thought I’d go lay down in our room for a bit. He said he thought it was a great idea and moments later I was lying on our bed…....Instagramming. Say what? I don’t think that’s what she meant by being still. My bad.
Well, my pillows didn’t deny the fact that we have 3 little kids. Silence didn’t come, but stillness did. After just a few moments of doing absolutely nothing, I felt like my ears started to really wake up to what it really sounds like in my house.
Right there, laying with my feet tucked in under a quilt, I heard my family out in the dining room. My husband was cleaning up from dinner, my 4 year old was belting out “Go Tell It On A Mountain”, my son was chatting away about cool ninja moves and my baby was laughing........
I'm sharing the rest of this story over on All Mom Does today. Come join me there and consider taking The Be Still Challenge! I'd love to hear what you discover when you lay the distractions aside!


  1. I've been enjoying joining others around the world...
    Once a month we come together to be calm, silent and still. Join us in a designated Still Space, in a group you lead, or on your own

  2. Very cool! I had no idea that such a thing existed. Thanks for sharing this with me.


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