Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Country House

So much has been happening over the last week. Finally, I'm sitting down here, ready to process a little and share a bit of our newest family adventure. When I wrote this post a few weeks ago about dreaming out loud, I had no idea that in just a week or so, we'd be putting in our offer on an old farm house on 5 acres. I'm still wrapping my mind around all of this and taking one day at a time, knowing that NOTHING is for sure. During the inspection process, all of this might come to a halt, but you guys- life is crazy and you just never know what's around the corner.

I've shared here that one of our family goals would be to buy some land with an older house on it- most likely a fixer-upper. What I haven't mentioned is that my husband has had his eyes on a place for about 6 months now...a place that wasn't for sale....until recently. That man of mine has been watching an old farm house, that's approaching it's 100th Birthday. It's been vacant for over a year, it's terribly overgrown and it basically needs everything, from electrical work, to paint, to new flooring. It's the ultimate fixer-upper in the perfect location, on a stunning piece of property.

The first time he drove me out there, I unintentionally squashed his excitement a little when I shook my head and told him how ugly I thought it was. At that point, he'd been there a few times and he could see the potential. I wasn't seeing anything except chipped paint and blackberries, but after a few more drive-bys, I started to see it.

I began to dream about what it would be like to bring the charm back to this place that used to be a family's homestead. After church, we'd go by and slowly, I started to see little things I liked- unlimited garden space, a really neat old chimney. Potential. An amazing view. Silence. Open spaces. Awesome neighbors, that are close enough to feel safe, but far enough away for me to wear my jammies outside in the morning.

We walked around the property as a family many times and the kids started to refer to it as "The Country House". We counted the apple trees, admired the mature grapes, dreamed about restoring the old existing chicken coop. Slowly, we started to feel like the place needed to be ours. We spotted lots of great climbing trees and the kids ran wild while we talked about what we would tackle first.

So, just over a week ago, after writing the post about dreaming out loud, we met with a finance know "just for fun". We just wanted to chat about what it would look like if we sold our house and went after something a little more "outside the box". The funny thing is this guy was recommended to us by our Realtor and about 10 years ago, we used to go to church with him. Totally awesome guy.

We had the best meeting and he confirmed that we should step out of our comfort zone and get ready to go for it. Keep in mind that when we met with him, The Country House still wasn't listed and we weren't expecting it to be listed for awhile.

Well, God works in crazy ways. 3 days after our meeting, The Country House was suddenly up for sale and we were scrambling to get a showing. In just the first 8 hours or so, it was shown 5 times and we were advised that if we wanted to go on this crazy adventure, we'd need to get an offer in ASAP. So, we took a deep breath and went for it.

Just a day or so later, we listed our house, because we can't have two houses at once. We had literally less than a day to prepare our house for photos, but we spent a Saturday de-cluttering and cleaning and I'm happy to say that we did it! Our house is now listed and hey----today our offer on The Country House was accepted!

Right now, I feel like we've just jumped through the first hoop of MANY. Nothing is for sure. Like I said, inspections can bring up things that we might not want to deal with. We're in, but there's still time to turn around, if we need to. However, this is something we've wanted and I think I'm slowly getting used to the idea of stepping into this new, big adventure with my family.

This house was built in 1916. It has a story and I want to bring that story back to life, but right now, it's NOT pretty. This whole experience is going to be humbling, I just know it. For awhile, that house is going to be an absolute construction mess. Some of our friends might wonder why we'd give up a perfectly great house, for an almost 100 year old fixer-upper.

What I do know is that life is an adventure and life with God is far from boring.

So what's next? 
1. The Country House needs to go through a few inspections so that we're clear on exactly all that we're signing up for.
2. Once inspections are done, we'll be getting bids from licensed contractors to have some work done that needs to done by professionals (plumbing, electrical etc.)
3. Our current house will need to sell.

The thought of selling our home is very emotional for me. For over 3 years, we've poured tons and tons of love into this place. When we moved in, the entire lot was just weeds. Now, we have garden space, trees, flowers, herbs and we planted every single thing on this property. We've remodeled the kitchen, painted the entire thing, updated the bathrooms and many, many more things. We moved into this place when Judah was 2, Paisley was a tiny baby and then later, we brought Eliza home here. I'm attached to the memories, the flowers, my garden beds and the trees I've watched my husband plant. Whoever buys our home is going to be getting a well loved home, move-in ready and ready for chickens and gardening. As much as I'm attached, I know that memories can be made anywhere.

The Country House has lots of room for making memories. It has trees that were planted years and years ago with love. It has wide open spaces. It has room for growth and change. We'll see what happens!

As things move forward or slow down or whatever will be, I'll update. This is crazy!

An iPhone photo that I took back in July when we stopped by The Country House one evening....I see mountains, water, open spaces. Potential.


  1. That's so exciting! We'll be praying with you!

  2. Awww what a blessing Angela! Can't wait to see what the Lord is going to do next!!

  3. So excited for you guys!!! Let us know if you need any help, or advice, or, whatever!!!

  4. Thank you! Please specifically pray our house sells! We can't do this without a sale!

  5. Thank you! Pray specifically that our house sells FAST. We'll definitely need to have you guys over for dinner and visiting! It would be great to get your advice and ideas!

  6. Your prayers are appreciated! Also, this place is CLOSE to you guys and if all goes well (and our house sells so we can do this!) I'm going to want you to be a regular drop-in for coffee. I mean it.

  7. Item #1 is already in play, just let us know when and where! It would be fun to see the place, although probably can't till you close.... So excited!

  8. Will Pray Angela! <3

  9. Now there is a whole new level of selfishness to my prayers!! I'm truly excited about the possibility!

  10. Congratulations Angela! What an exciting adventure ahead!!


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