Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thursday Thankful List Link Up Vol. 4

Lately I've been thankful for.....

A house that's filled with singing and dancing. 
That I'm the one that she asks to twirl her. Over and over again, it's "Mama, twirl me!" When I think about it, it really feels like a privilege to be the first twirl.
 Right now I'm thankful for....awesome thrift store mugs.
MOPS crafts that help my children focus on gratitude.
Our once a month ladies hikes.
And....for fun friends who bundle up and  adventure together, even when it's practically freezing outside. I'm thankful for warm donuts afterwards. Haha...I know. We're so hard core.
 Right now I'm thankful for...November sunshine.
I'm thankful for....these kids to bake with. For bravery to cook with them, even though the mess freaks me out. I'm thankful for their enthusiasm and for Judah wanting to take the initiative and scoop the cookies onto the sheet himself.
Lately I've been thankful for....fancy tea cups from Grandpa Rod and for teddy bear tea parties. 
And.....warm apple juice, when my kids discover that they really don't like tea.
I've also been thankful for clean dishes, ready to put away and be brought back out for the next tea party.
For pink sunrises that make me feel like God is intentionally painting a gorgeous new day for us to enjoy.
I've also been thankful to live in a place where it's common to see a huge cow and a tiny wiener dog hanging out together in a field.
I'm thankful for....walks at sunset with my sister and all of our kids.

What have been thankful for lately?


  1. Love how you are thankful for the little every day things that we some times take for granted! Beautiful post!

  2. Love that you showed so many everyday things....especially the cow and the wiener dog...too cute!

  3. These look nice! The ones I made a couple years ago were really grainy. I'm going to add this to one of our advent activities!

  4. I am loving the teddy bear tea party. So sweet!

  5. Thank you Shelly! Thank you for joining in!

  6. Thanks Holly! I loved reading your post as well!

  7. Thank you. And thanks for sharing what you're thankful for. I always love reading your posts.

  8. Rose Ann GiallombardoFebruary 11, 2015 at 12:57 PM

    I thank God every day for my husband, 4 grown children & 7 grandchildren:)


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