Friday, December 26, 2014

A Little Christmas Recap

We've been in our jammies all day and it's been wonderful. I promised the kids yesterday that today we could stay home all day and just play so, that's exactly what's been going down around here. They've been playing with toys non-stop and I've been doing what I always do the day after Christmas each year----I start putting away Christmas.

Before you think I'm a total Scrooge, let me reassure you that really, I am not. I actually love, love, love Christmas and it's been an amazing December. However, I also love a clean slate and I love a fresh, clutter free space to welcome the new year into.

The tree will stay until New Year's Day, but as they play, I've been wondering around in my jammies, finding homes for all the new things, throwing old things away and making a thrift store pile. It's practically therapeutic, I'm telling ya!

Christmas this year was wonderful. Our Christmas Eve was incredibly simple and one of the sweetest that I can remember. Jeremiah had to work and so, the kids and I were home most of the day. Together we baked cookies for Santa, got the cinnamon rolls ready, wrapped a few last minute gifts and then ran to Costco for one final thing.

All December, I longed for moments of stillness and with our house being shown to potential buyers at weird times and all sorts of other things happening, I felt like those "still" moments were very few and far between.

On Christmas Eve, everything seemed to shift and just came together. All the preparations were done and it was time to anticipate Jesus's Birthday. Stillness came and I could feel the anticipation of what was to come....

For Christmas Eve dinner, we had Santa Claus pancakes, eggs and bacon. Then we headed out to the candle light service at church. The service was amazing, but Eliza was awful. By the time we left, I was envious of every family who's children are older. I felt like a complete failure as a Mom and I just wanted to cry. Next year will be easier....

The other highlight of Christmas Eve was Judah loosing his first tooth. We had just finished reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and we were sitting there on the couch together. He was wiggling it and I told him that if he really wanted it out before Christmas, he could totally pull it out. Just a moment later, it was out and we were all cheering for him!

That night Santa came and ate his cookies. He left presents and also left Judah money under his pillow, with a special snowflake, that had a sweet note on it. Of course, Santa also left a Chocolate Kiss under his pillow, too.

Christmas morning was a sweet time with just our family at home. The kids had a wonderful time opening presents and eating cinnamon rolls. Later we headed to my sister's for Christmas with my family.

When I was younger, it was incredibly hard to wait patiently as we all went around, each opening one present at a time. Now, I wouldn't have it another other way. I'm so thankful for my family and the way they enjoy this day together.
From our family to you, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and we hope you had a wonderful day!


  1. Oh my goodness, your Christmas was beautiful and so perfect! I loved reading every bit of this post. I will tell you this, my youngest is now 3 and this was the first Christmas since I started having children that I was able to sit down and just enjoy the day. The service with your sweet Eliza squirming (and probably making a bit of noise) will be a fond memory next year as she sits on your lap and enjoys the music and candlelight. I wish I had learned to make cinnamon rolls. That is on my list for next year. I got sick this year and the last couple weeks were very minimal for me. I appreciate the way the Lord slowed me down though, I was able to enjoy my family more this way :)

    Your family is beautiful and I am so thankful for your blog. The last photo of your family is perfect! Love it!

    Blessings to you my bloggy friend,

  2. A quiet Christmas sounds fantastic. And God bless you for making it through church service with three little ones. Just getting there is a success in my book. Happy New Year to you blogging friend : )

  3. First, thank you for making me hungry ; ) And second, the first picture of Judah is to die for!


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