Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our Daily Story: Bathroom Humor and Cheers to all the Procrastinators

A wise friend of mine recently said that before Christmas, it's best to sit down with your husband and each share your expectations and make a plan. So, a few nights ago, we snuggled into the couch and we had our little Christmas meeting. I'm a huge fan of this Christmas planning time. I think it avoids so much confusion and possible conflict.

When we sat down, we had just about zero Christmas shopping done and the month was flying by. Together we decided that I'd leave early on a Saturday morning and tackle it, while he stayed home with the kids.

This morning I left the house alone, and just about 4 hours later, I came home with ALL the shopping done! NEVER EVER underestimate what a mom can do when she has a coffee in hand and a few hours alone! Zoom...zoom...zoom! When you're used to having kids hanging all over you, while still taking on the world, it's like you actually have real-life super powers when you go out by yourself. You fly through the store, crossing items off your list, without feeling like you might lose a kid if you look away. You let the lady behind you go first, just because it feels like the best day ever and you sometimes talk to yourself, because hey- you're used to talking all the time. Oops. 

Today I wanted to high five any Mom out there in the store who had that undeniable look of freedom all over her face. It was like we were friends, like they just knew that I had a minivan filled with carseats, but that I was ALONE. You know it's that smile you share with another Mom when you just know she has weird stuff in her purse, just like you do. And the Moms out on a Saturday finishing shopping with kids well----I wished I could have bought them all coffee. Most years that's me. Actually, most years I've had to take nursing breaks out in the parking lot and hide presents in the cart, hoping the kids didn't see. You do what you do, you rock it to the best of your ability and you survive. I guess if we didn't have those less than ideal days, then we wouldn't appreciate the easier ones so much.

So, cheers to all the procrastinators, to the folks who haven't started shopping yet and to the ones who just finished.

Wrapping this up with a photo from today. I'd like to call this one "Bathroom Humor". 'Nuf said.

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