Friday, December 19, 2014

Our Daily Story: Cookies and Cousins

Christmas Break Day 1.
The kids slept in today until almost 8am, which is pretty unusual for them. While they slept, I organized our junk drawer while I had my coffee. You know that drawer with all the pens, scissors, tape, paperclips and 1 billion other things that get thrown in there? Yeah, I should have taken a "before" picture because it was an absolute disaster. But, not anymore! It's amazing how good it feels to tackle a little project that you've been putting off for weeks, or even months- which was the case for that drawer. The sad news is that the kids were already getting stuff out of it this afternoon and it's looking like it might stay organized for like......1 day. Oh well, it was pretty for a morning.

After the kids woke up, they had breakfast and then I helped them do a little "school", which is really just a few worksheets---please don't think we're super hard core, since we definitely are not. I guess you can just say that I'm that Mom---the one who says we're going to do a little schoolwork each day on Christmas break. It went fast and well, as you'd expect it to, when you tell your kids that they're about to go decorate cookies with their cousins after they finish up.

My sister might be finding sprinkles around her house for the next year or two, but this time with them was so needed. I feel like life gets busy and we end up spending less time with our absolute favorite, core people. When we just had 1 kid each, sister Sally and I hung out multiple times a week. Now, it's just not that easy.

Today kids played, we visited and then we let our kids squirt frosting all over and use up entire containers of sprinkles. Memories were made for sure. Sometimes I just want to pinch myself when I think about how my kids actually have cousins to grow up along side of. I didn't have this when I was younger and I don't take one ounce of it for granted, nope not at all. 

A morning of sprinkles, frosting, cookies and cousins. I'd say that Christmas break is off to a great start. 


  1. hooray!!!Yes, you are so blessed to have cousins close by...wonderful merry Christmas photos!!

  2. I really love those cookies the kids decorated. So hideous and so beautiful all at once! :) Also...I just cleaned out our junk drawer yesterday! It was insane. So much random stuff in there!!

  3. You cleaned your junk drawer out too? Great minds....! Isn't crazy what a mess they become? Hope you're having a great day!


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