Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our Daily Story: Face in the Cookie

For our December Daily, each day I'm sharing one or two stories of our everyday life. Today my story is centered around a coffee date, a delicious cookie and a baby who does what maybe all of us have been tempted to do at some point.

Dear Eliza,
This morning you and I went on a coffee and cookie date to the Cookie Mill. It just opened a few days ago and I've been aching to stop in.

With you on my hip, we walked in. I ordered an americano with room for cream and then scanned the cookie display case. We both love Molasses Cookies so, I ordered one of those for us to share. The sweet girl behind the counter asked if it would be for here or to go. Quickly I looked around, saw a highchair and decided that we would stay. "For here, please."

We sat down and you started eyeing that cookie. Carefully, I broke little chunks off for you and I to share.
I fed you tiny pieces, while I slowly enjoyed my coffee. It was so good- I'll definitely be coming back. But, as I gave you little chunks, you started looking intently at that cookie....and reaching, with determination.
You started sniffing......
 And inching closer......
Before I knew it, you were face first in that cookie. Hands on either side of the plate, gobbling away. So, I did what all responsible Moms do, I drank my Americano and took a picture.
I love you Eliza. You're fun. Let's go on another date soon.

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