Sunday, December 7, 2014

Our Daily Story: Family Christmas Game Night

Today I'm thankful for an exceptionally good time at church this morning. You know when you hear just what you needed? Yeah, that was today.

I'm thankful for this view. For snow covered mountains and although I wish I was there, in a cabin with a wood stove, I'm happy to look at this through the window.
I'm thankful for afternoon coffee and for the time to catch up on all the laundry while my family watched football.
I'm thankful for these people, sitting in front of the tree opening our daily pocket together. Today's activity was a family game night. We played Christmas Themed Charades and then had a "snowball toss", which is basically just throwing marshmallows into a bowl. Super fun, in case you're looking for some simple winter game ideas to do with your crew.
This would be the way you act out Santa Claus. The way he's holding that hat on his head totally makes me giggle.
Some of our other Christmas themed Charades words were:
Rudolph, Manger, Wiseman, Candycane, Snow, Christmas Tree, Sheep, Shepard and so on....
The "snowball" toss was hilarious. I'm thankful for family competitions and for times of laughing with my kids.
What was the best part of your weekend? What are you thankful for right now?

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