Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Our Daily Story: Taking Cookies to Neighbors and 10 Cookie Recipes I'd Love to Make

Yesterday the note in our daily advent pocket that said it was time to bake cookies together and then take them around to our neighbors. So, as Eliza napped, the kids and I made some Butterscotch Chip Cookies.

After the cookies cooled and Eliza was up, we buckled her into the stroller, grabbed some Christmas cards and walked around, delivering our cookies.

Part of me felt like we should have baked an assortment of different delicious things and spent more time packaging them all fancy and beautiful, but I think it's more about the experience and showing the kids that this is fun.

Honestly, taking cookies around to neighbors is so intimidating to me. I felt nervous and I was glad to have kids who will run them up to the doors and ring the bell, so that I don't have to. Not that the kids do it perfectly either...... Their style is more of a Christmas prank. They carefully tip toe up the steps, one holding a bag of cookies and the other with a Christmas card, then they silently set them down, ring the door bell and then RUN away. I must have told them 10 times yesterday that we actually WANT our neighbors to see us. Maybe we need to work on our form, but we've got lots of years to practice that.....

Wrapping this up with 10 different cookie recipes that would be great for your neighbors:
Maybe these aren't technically a cookie, but who'd you have to be crazy not to love these!
What about you, do you have a favorite cookie recipe for taking to neighbors?

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