Sunday, January 4, 2015

My First EVER Trip to Ikea

There are two things about me that might make some people wonder if I've been living under a rock.
Number 1: I've never seen even a minute of Starwars. With a boy, this will inevitably change.
Number 2: Until today, I'd never been to Ikea.

It was epic, you guys. I can't believe I've never been! And thank you all so much for the fun tips and suggestions on Facebook. You guys really know your stuff!

As you'd expect, we were in the store for about 3 hours and then we ate dinner there. Slowly we wandered up and down every isle, at least I hope I didn't miss one! I knew it'd be huge, but I didn't know that it'd feel like it was practically it's own town! 

I thought I'd share a few of the fun things I bought, since you all had such great suggestions. Honestly, I was so worried that I'd go crazy in there, that I really came home with very little. It was like a little warm up trip tonight- a chance to check out the place out and see what they have.

So, here are a few of the fun things I grabbed:

I guess you're supposed to draw with them and then lightly paint over your drawing with water. Have you used them? I think they look really neat.
2. Colorful Markers for myself. 
Can I get an amen for pretty lists? 
3.Yummy Organic Coffee
I had a cup of this tonight and it was delicious! 
Because from time to time, everyone should be throwing away their old toilet brush.
5. More craft supplies for the kids.
Left: Heart Shaped Ice Cub Tray, that could also be used for making crayons or a zillion other things.
Right: Enough beads to last us for awhile. 
The one with the flowers is called the "Dorthy", which happens to be the name of my Grandma who's with Jesus now. The white, paired with the bright colors makes me happy. Plus, they have removable covers, which is a huge bonus.
Those were just a few of the things I picked up. I saw a large metal, industrial looking shelf that I absolutely loved, but since our home is listed and we'll hopefully be moving, it doesn't make a lot of sense to buy big things right now.

Before we left, we sat down for dinner. I had the Cob Salad and it was so good, although it should have been a bit bigger....or maybe I was just extra hungry. 
So, enough about Ikea and salads and was your weekend? What did you do? 


  1. Your new couch pillow (Dorthy) reminds me of my grandma, a botanist. She embroidered so many quilts with the details of the flowers and their stems. Sounds like your trip to IKEA was fabulous and relaxed. Watercolor pencils... you just color and then wet your brush and pull color out gently. They are so much fun and can look so pretty. I have some (though not from IKEA). Enjoy!

  2. I sure like all your stuff!! Water color pencils are so useful and fun. I use them a lot!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventure!


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