Friday, January 2, 2015

New Years Day Mt. Baker Adventure

So, I have a big old silly confession to make. On New Years Eve, my sister and her family stayed up with us. We ate dinner, played games, the kids watched movies. Just a few minutes before the clock struck midnight, we wrapped up our game and everyone got on their phones for a second and started playing "Words With Friends". Don't worry, we stopped in time for the count down and the kisses and all that jazz....

Well, I'd never played and finally they talked me into it. 2 days later, I'm hooked, like really hooked. Jeremiah and I have been playing against each other and our games our absolutely hilarious. We've been laying in bed, taking turns and I just can't stop! To sum it up, the game is basically like Scrabble, but of course you knew that because I'm one of the last ones to jump onto the Words with Friends ship. 

So, if I start asking for great 4 letter words that start with Q--- please just tell me that I need a little Words with Friends rehab. Just kidding- sort of.
To ring in the New Year, we headed up to Mt. Baker and went sledding. We stopped and got a Woods Coffee along the way and then we drove through this gorgeous winter wonderland. The roads were clear all the way to the top, but the snow was nice and deep and so fluffy.
I'm not writing a big "New Years Goals" type of post this year, but I thought I would share a few things that have been floating around in my head......

When I think of 2015, I feel like it's time for rest and fun. In 2014 I learned about perseverance and resistance, about strength and digging deep to get through some hard days. 2014 wasn't easy by any means, but it was full of growth. Through lots of days that were far from amazing, I discovered more of what I love because I had to do those things, in order to see the good in this world.

If someone asked me if 2014 was a "good" year, and they needed a short answer, I guess I'd have to say "yes", because no year is ever a waste that is, if you allow it to grow you. 2014 taught me about inner strength, about resilience and perseverance. Hard times made me even more determined to do more of what I love, to love harder and to step out and live braver. Although it's a shame that it often takes hard times to teach us, at least they're good for something. 

While everyone is writing about big goals for the year and they have awesome words to build their year around, I'm camped out in a different spot. I'm ready to not strive so hard. After a marathon of perseverance, comes a break for rest. I'm ready to do more of what we love, and I think for me, this new year is about less trying, less doing and more just being, loving and resting.

Our day at Mt. Baker was stunningly gorgeous. If you're in the area and you're looking for a snowy location to play with your family, I'd give this place 5 stars. The drive is long, but it's beautiful. Pack lunch, warm clothes to play in and jammies to change into afterwards.

A few photos from our New Years Day Adventure:

Happy New Year, whoever you are, that reads this!
Do you have any goals, plans or thoughts on the new year?

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