Thursday, January 22, 2015

Scheduling Creativity

Stay in your own lane. 
Comparison kills creativity and joy.

I woke up yesterday to a dark, cold, silent and empty coffee pot. Somehow we'd both forgotten to pick coffee up at the store, which is basically one of the biggest emergencies in my book. After breakfast, I gathered my kids, plus the extra little guy that I watch and we all headed out for the store. I pushed the car-cart hard, with the two one year olds steering and giggling, and the older two "helping" me push, which actually makes it feel like there are 3 drivers, all going in opposite directions. There was a close incident where our car-cart nearly took out an entire wine display, but other than that close call, we left the store in one piece.

By the time we'd checked out and everyone was buckled back in, going home and making coffee didn't seem like it'd do. We detoured and hit up Starbucks. "A Venti brewed coffee please. With cream and two splenda." They forgot the cream, but it was still delicious and I was a better person from it.

All afternoon, I sipped it slowly, while putting kids down for naps, feeding them snacks, putting away laundry and doing all of the normal stuff that I'm sure you do at your house, too. Bedtime came and after that darn Venti, I was still staring at the clock at 1am. As I laid there, I thought about life, about how we're all given the same number of minutes each day and how we all get to choose how we spend those gifts that we're given---our minutes.

I thought about creativity, about writing, decorating, crafting with my kids and about how we can go in phases where creativity comes easily and other times where it feels like we don't have a creative ounce in our bodies.

For awhile now, I've felt like I have nothing left to give, after I do the normal stuff that needs to be done during the day. What I've been forgetting is that creativity begets creativity. It might be forced for awhile and then one day, it will magically start flowing again. If you want to establish a habit of creativity, train yourself to make time for it. Do it when it feels hard. Do it when it feels like you should be keeping up with all of the mundane stuff instead. Keep on keepin' on and then one day, it'll start flowing easily again.

So, today I put creativity on my list. After I put Eliza down for a nap, Paisley and I painted together. I didn't do laundry. I didn't sit on the computer. I painted and hot glued and cut yarn and it was glorious.
Together, we decorated the house for Valentine's Day, which makes me so very happy. January can feel long and dark, but Valentine's decorations always seem to brighten things and remind me that spring will be here soon.

This little Valentine banner was made with burlap, twine, hot glue and red paint.
To decorate our world map, we cut our hearts and hung them on this brightly colored yarn. Color makes me happy, don't you agree?
This tree with all of our initials was super easy to create in PicMonkey. If you want to make one of your own, let me know and I'll walk you through it.
Happy creating, friends. What's something you've been wanting to make lately?

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