Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4 Things I'm Looking Forward to After Our House Sells

Remember in November, after our offer on The Country House was accepted and we suddenly listed ours, with only a day to get it ready? Yeah, that was a crazy time. We loved that property so much. 5 acres in the perfect location and the house was priced low enough that we would've been able to pay someone to help it shine again.

Unfortunately, our house didn't sell and as our closing date for The Country House approached, we knew that we wouldn't be able to afford owning two places so we had to pull out. The next day, someone else bought The Country House. I drove by it recently and they've obviously been working hard. It still has a long way to go, but they're loving on it and it's starting to shine, just like we knew it could.

After it sold, we pulled ours off the market and took a few months to reevaluate. Do we want to sell? Yes. Do we want more land? Absolutely. Do we feel like this would be good for our family? Heck yes.

And so, a month ago, we re-listed our place. It's been crazy having our house for sale. The best part is that it always has to be clean and ready to show....which is of course super hilarious when you have 3 kids and watch another 2 year old four days a week. The good news is that we're doing it, we're laughing and we're keeping our eye on the reasons why we're on this crazy adventure!

A few weeks ago, a friend who's house is also for sale, sent me a text message. I almost fell over laughing when she said that she can't wait to move so she doesn't have to pull up her pants so much when she's out weeding her flower beds. It's like she read my mind, since I've thought that exact same thing probably at least a hundred times since we've lived here. Gardener crack is just one of the many small reasons I can't wait to move.

So, as we wait for our house to sell and load kids up and drive around during showings, we remember some of the things we're looking forward to:

1. A BIG Garden. 
It's no secret that gardening is one of my main loves. Truly, I am addicted. Under the Sycamore recently posted a little tour of her garden and I was all sorts of melted. Here's a little garden inspiration....
I'm loving all of the raised beds, the way it's fenced in, the picnic table INSIDE the garden and the spaces she's created for her kids to have their own gardening areas.
2. A Greenhouse
Have you seen the greenhouse that Chip restored for JoAnna? Alrighty well, it's stunning. I most likely will never have one that nice. However, I can't wait to have a greenhouse someday.
3. Goats.
Yep, you read that right. My sister told me today that I have baby animal fever. All I could say is that at least I don't have real baby fever, which I certainly do NOT have right now. Ha! Goats however are too cute and I think they'd be a great experience for the kids. I mean, come on....don't you want to kiss it's face?
4. A Space for the Kids to Create
Lately I'm super drawn to lighter (or white) walls, with lots of colorful accents. I've also noticed that very few things make her happier than seeing my kids paint, draw and use their imaginations. I love this space, the way the artwork is displayed and the way it basically just begs you to sit down and create something unique.
Happy Wednesday, friends. What's inspiring you lately?

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  1. I love all 4 dreams you are dreaming for your new home!!! <3


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