Sunday, April 19, 2015

5 Things I Learned From My First 5K

Back in January, I did sort of a wacky thing. I signed up for my first 5K run. Since it was a Color Run and hey----color is awesome and fun, it didn't take much for my sister to pull me on board. After I signed up, I was totally pumped about the generous amount of time I had to train.
In my mind, this was going to be perfect. This would be the ideal reason to use the treadmill we own, that I don't use often enough. Woohoo! I was excited.

So, I started training. For a few weeks, I stayed on schedule (with this program) and then, since I had an ample amount of time to train, I fell off track. I mean, why run if you don't really have to? How about waiting until I actually really need to train? And so, I didn't train like I should have- that is, until the Color Run 5K was right around the corner and I realized that oh darn, I'm really signed up to run and I'm NOT A at all.

Running is something that's always been hard for me, but I started doing it anyway. I made peace with the fact that it sometimes sort of feels awful. I get side aches. I breath loud. However, on a positive note- it's super-duper rewarding. Although I'm still such a beginner, I've got to say I think I'm actually starting to like it. The burn tells me I'm getting stronger and you know what? I want to be a strong Mama. I want to do crazy runs and hikes and all sorts of things when I'm an old lady. It just sounds fun to me.

When I'm running, I think about the fact that I CAN run. Some people are stuck in bed with a debilitating illness and they'd only wish to be out pounding pavement with sweat dripping from them. When I run, I thank God that although it's hard, I can and so.....I do. 

The Color Run 5K was an absolute blast. If you've never ran a 5K and you think you need to be an all out "real runner" to do such a thing, please squish that idea right now.

Here are 5 Things I Learned From My First 5K

1. Not everyone runs the entire thing!
What a relief, right? You can do run/walk intervals and you'll still totally fit in. We walked quite a bit and we still made great time. You do NOT need to run every moment of it!

2. It's way more fun to do it with FUN friends.
The two friends I did the run with were absolutely wonderful. We were all there to simply have a great time and when one of us needed to slow down, we all slowed down. These girls were the perfect running partners. I seriously love them.

3. If you're into coffee, have some about an hour before and then pee right before the run.
We arrived early and walked to Starbucks. My americano kicked in right as the run started and Yeehaw! I had a spring in my step!

4. Expect to see ALL levels of runners there. 
Like I mentioned above, I didn't stick to my training perfectly. It was a relief to see all levels at the Color Run. Some gals had strong runners legs. Others looked like they'd never run before. All different levels and body types will be there and for me, a beginner, I found this kind of nice!

5. I can do it, you can too, and it's a total BLAST. 
Before the run, I looked for reasons to bow out. I hadn't trained like I'd planned, I thought everyone would run the entire thing, I thought I'd look like an absolute fool. Oh my word....I'm so glad I didn't cancel! If I would have let my insecurities win, I would have missed one of the BEST Saturday mornings I've enjoyed in a long time.

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