Thursday, April 9, 2015

Being their Cheerleader and a Fun Science Experiment

One of the things I love most about being a Mom is that God entrusts us with the opportunity to take an interest in what interests our kids. As Mamas, we get to be that little wind that comes along and fans their flame just a little, to hopefully not blow it out, but hopefully launch it into a bigger fire.
For me, this is definitely not all easy, as there's so much I feel like I don't know. When I see my kids spark an interest in something, I'm not naturally one of those parents who knows everything about that subject.

So many of my friends are smart, smart, smarty pants with all sorts of big degrees and most people know more history, geography and science than I do. For me, I'd say while I'm possibly not as book smart, which bothers me, I'm darn resourceful and I'm choosing to remind myself that being resourceful is a great characteristic to teach my kids.

Just the other day, Paisley wanted to know how a horse gives birth and so naturally, we watched a YouTube video of a horse giving birth. As she sat on my lap, we watched the full deal. She thought it was great and now she knows!

The blessing of being able to come alongside our kids and take an interest in their interests is something that I look forward to for the rest of their lives. I've found that people need cheerleaders to shine and if you think about it, cheerleaders aren't the ones that usually have all the answers. Heck, they might not even know how to play the game, although I bet they could learn if they tried. Cheerleaders are the ones that jump, scream, and keep on chanting for you, even when things aren't going well. Cheerleaders are steady, they don't get all up in the games business, but they keep the players going with consistent encouragement.

And that's how we have to be with our kids. Not all up in their business, but steady on the sidelines, creating an atmosphere where their interests can develop.

Last night I found myself with a couple of crazy kids that wanted to do science experiments, right when I should have been starting dinner. I pulled up one of my Pinterest boards. Who says Pinterest makes you feel bad? I do not get this at all. Pinterest saves my rear! In just a few moments, they were going crazy squirting colored vinegar into pie plates of baking soda.
I'm sure you've probably done this before, but just in case you haven't....all you do is put some baking soda in a pie plate. 
Next, pour vinegar into a few small bowls and color it with food coloring.

Have your kids suck up the vinegar with a small dropper and squirt it into the baking soda.
When the baking soda and vinegar touch, a big, bubbly and fizzy reaction happens. My kids absolutely loved this! 

Do you have a favorite science experiment you love doing with your kids? I'd love to hear!

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  1. I loved building shoebox mini nature scenes using found objects from outdoors. ..maybe a little mirror for a lake!


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