Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Chapter Books for the Kids

Lately one of my greatest blessings has been watching my husband read through chapter books with the older two kids at bedtime. Some of my most vivid memories are the times when my Dad sat on the couch with my sister and I, each of us snuggled in next to to his arms. Together we read through the Anne of Green Gables series, Little House on the Prairie and a few other classics.

Judah and Paisley are just 4 and 6, but Jeremiah has read them Swiss Family Robinson and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. It's really fun to peek in on them while they're reading. The kids just lay there and since there aren't many pictures, they've learned how to let their imaginations show them the story. After they complete the book, they celebrate by watching the movie that goes with it.  I absolutely love this tradition they're starting.

Today we went thrifting to find Judah a skateboard (that's a whole different post) and while we were out, we stumbled upon this huge lot of chapter books. Since they just finished their current book, I was thrilled to find these!
What chapter books have you enjoyed reading with your kids?

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  1. wow Precious Moments and you sure did get some good books!


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