Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites with a Link Up

These Friday Favorites posts are always my favorite to write so, I've decided to create a link-up here, in case you'd like to join in! Please add your post up down at the bottom of my post and invite others to join in as well.

My Favorites from the Week:

Something healthy.
These Honey Peanut Butter and Coconut cookies from The Weigand's blog look absolutely amazing. 

Something creative.
"Creativity takes courage". This sign--- heck, the whole room is making me really happy. 
To buy it on Etsy, click here
Something hospitable.
"In 2012, Sarah set a goal to serve 500 people around her table. Her father built her a table big enough for 20 people and she began inviting others. In the last three years, she has welcomed nearly 1,600 people around her table!" 
Read the rest of the post here and then get brave and start inviting people over.
Something clean.
So, my mind was kind of blown this week when I discovered these black rubber floor mats on Amazon. Goodness, I just wish someone would've told me about these like 6 years ago, when I became a Mom and my car transformed from clean and nicely smelling, to stained with smoothies and drops of milk. We had light gray floor mats, ok? We all know that those sippy cups claim to not leak, but when your child throws it down with pure force that only a child can get away with, oh yeah, it leaks. Who checks those anyway? I swear the sippy cup companies should hire my kids to see how leak-proof they really are. 
Anyway-rubber floor mats. 
Not expensive. 
Life changing. 
If you have a friend who's having her first baby, tell her about these. Not about sleepless nights. She'll sleep again, but her car might be trashed forever. 
Something springy.
Isn't this free spring printable from Shabby Fufu darling?
Something funny.
So I mowed the grass this week, which isn't something I normally do with my 3 kids outside with me. I thought I was all big-time, hot-stuff, super-mom, putting the kids in the backyard and mowing our entire lawn while they ate granola bars and played independently so nicely. Well that is, until I found these "extra" photos on my phone. Apparently they had fun doing a little photo shoot while I mowed. No wonder they were so quiet! 
I know, I know. You're totally wishing your kids were this charming.

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