Monday, May 4, 2015

Mother's Day Tea

I went to my first Mother's Day Tea today. I think my cheeks are literally sore from smiling. That sweet boy of mine was waiting for me when I got there and like a gentlemen, he escorted me to my seat and then served me cookies and water. For the next hour, he sat on my lap, sang me songs, recited poems and showed me the projects he's been working so hard on.

Besides the fact that he unashamedly still snuggles me in public, what blessed me the most was how we got to have another little guy sit with us today----a boy that doesn't have a Mom.

This boy's story is his and not mine, so I won't go into details. All I can say is he lost his Mom last year and Judah has become one of his good buddies. So today, I sat with one boy on my leg, my Judah who continues to steal my heart more each day, and this other little guy, right next to my leg, who didn't have his Mama at the Mother's Day Tea.

I gave him my cookies and gosh, I just wanted to bring him home and do all the things that Mamas do, if we're being real here. But, it doesn't work like that and it's not really necessary. He has a Daddy who loves him and he has a school full of teachers who are cheering for his success.

See, the thing I've learned about "public school" this year is it isn't all bad, like the media and the viral Facebook posts make it sound. Actually, there are lots of teachers who care so much and work their tails off for the good of our kids. These teachers are sometimes the most stable people in these kid's lives and when everyone is ranting about how awful school is and yanking their kids out left and right....I just wonder about the teachers who might need to know that we've still got their backs.

So, back to cookies and tea.....
As I sat between my boy and his buddy, my eyes drifted to the lockers. Each locker was decorated with a picture each child drew of his/her Mama, that is, except for this little guy. And that's when I just about lost it. One locker without a hand-drawn Mama picture.

Parenting can be so hard. Sometimes it can feel like it just might break you, but when you sit by a kid who's missing his Mom? Well, it makes life seem pretty darn good and it makes you want to quite making little annoyances seem so big. It makes you want to raise your voice less and maybe lower your sky-high expectations a notch or two.

 A boy without a Mom at a Mother's Day Tea, kind of makes you want to go out and be the best dang person you can be because hey, your kids still have you and that's HUGE, if you ask me.

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  1. This wonderful - thank you for sharing!


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