Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On the Sea and Above the Clouds

We adventured a lot last weekend, before starting to pack like crazy people this week. That's right, we're packing up our entire house to move in just about a week. I'm apologizing in advance for silence on the blog. Packing, kids, life... they all take a lot of time these days. 

As I uploaded the photos for the post, I realized that to the person on the other side of this screen, I might look like I'm all adventure and no fear. Then I thought about a women's retreat I went on about a year ago and the breakdown I had where I told a couple good friends about the anxiety I sometimes experience. After sharing, one gal looked at me and couldn't hardly believe it. She said "but you're always out doing all those fun things and going all over the place!" Yes, it's true, but I think when we tell our story, we give the world a gift when we tell the whole thing. 

By nature, I tend to feel fear very easily and that's why I decided about a year ago to intentionally try to live brave, in a smart way. I try to bravely tell people how awesome they are, when I see strengths in them, because loving big is something you'll never regret. I climb mountains with girlfriends because when my girls are older, I want them to be adventurous, too.

My husband and I kayak alone, because when our kids are out and married, I want them to date their spouse as well. And I write these words because I never want you to think that only "brave" girls do "brave" things. Girls with anxiety do brave things too and I'm guessing that you, whoever you are....are also much braver than you know. I bet you're really fun, too. Yep, that's another reason why us Moms need to go out and do things....we need to have fun and be strong and healthy and be the women that God created us to be. We owe it to ourselves, our families and the One who created us with muscles, brains and a craving for relationships.

On the Sea//
Jeremiah and I had talked about getting kayaks for the last 10 years or so. Finally, we gave in and I'm so glad we did. First we kayaked around Pass Lake (near Deception Pass) and then we kayaked around Cranberry Lake in Deception Pass Park. What a perfect date this was.

I turned 31 last week and so, after our date, we had a Birthday party over at Sally's house. She always makes the best ice cream cake. I swear she could have a highly successful ice cream cake shop, if she wanted to.

There's so much to love about your 30's. Right now, 31 is where it's at.
Above the Clouds//
Later in the weekend, 7 of us girls climbed Mt. Pilchuck together. I've never experienced a hike this beautiful. It was hard for sure, but the view from the top was out of this world. Truly, we were above the clouds.

Clouds below us and mountains in the distance.
These girls are amazing. They were so fun to hike with and super positive, even when it was hard. I'm so thankful for them!
Almost to the top!
Yoga on a mountain....just because.
Mt. Pilchuck look out!
On the way up, something kind of funny happened. After climbing for about 2 miles, we came to this clearing and someone mentioned how the lookout tower was way up there. We thought the hike was 5 miles roundtrip and so surely, after all the climbing we'd just done, we must be just about there! I laughed, totally thinking they were joking! But, nope they weren't. It WAS way up there. And so, we kept on going and eventually we made it.

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