Saturday, November 7, 2015

Goodbye and Hello NW Healthy Mama

Well, this news is way overdue, but it's time to let you all in on a little project I've been working on since my last post here. I've been in the process of creating a new website called NW Healthy Mama and I'm excited about where this will go!

Basically this all came together when my love for the beautiful Pacific Northwest was paired with a passion for all things healthy and active. On NW Healthy Mama, you'll find tons of amazing recipes, adventure ideas, gardening tips and inspiration to Mother well.

The best part is this website is not written by myself alone. There are far too many amazing women in this world for me to not share this space! The girls who are contributing play such a vital part in this and I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for them!

This personal blog has been such a great outlet for me and a perfect place to record special memories, but as life changes, we move onto new adventures. A big thank you to every person who's shared an encouraging word with me here. Your comments and love over the years have been such a blessing to me. I have huge amounts of love and gratitude for you! And now... please join me on the new site, NW Healthy Mama
Lots and lots of love,


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